Become a volunteer at KCC

You are always welcome to become a volunteer at KCC and support its projects. Its depending on you and your skills what kind of work you will be able to do at the center and how long you will stay. KCC is always happy to get in touch with new volunteers from different countries and to share ideas and skills. Thats why KCC is happy to hear your own ideas

For further information about how to become a volunteer check on KCC Homepage and don´t hesistate to contact us or KCC.



Make a donation

If you would like to support KCC financially, you can make a donation through our association via paypal or you can transfer your donation to following account:

Account holder: Pamoja e.V.

Bank: Volksbank Köln Bonn eG

IBAN: DE20 3806 0186 4606 4760 14



If you wish that your money is going to a specific project of KCC (e.g. KCC shelter) please write down the name of the project you want to donate to while you transfer the money (reason for payment). If you do so KCc will forward your donation straight into the specific project. If you don´t note where your donation should go to Pamoja e.V. will decide together with KCC management about the use of your donation.

When it comes to donation for Pamoja e.V. its very important to communicate with KCC frequently and exchanging news. Our experience shows that on one hand the people at KCC know what is needed the most at the center. On the other hand Pamoja e.V. wants to be informed well about how KCC is using the donation which they get through our association, because we also like to give feedback to our sponsors.


If you wish to get a contribution receipt, please send an email with your postal address to