All founders from Pamoja e.V. have studied special education together at the university of Cologne in Germany and have known each other since. We all used to join the Eastafrica-club at university where some students used to help other students to travel to Kenya or Tanzania to volunteer in a social project. That’s how Caro and Ina travelled to Tanzania the first time in 2009 and volunteered at Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC). Since then Caro and Ina always went back to Kigamboni as soon as they had money and time. The other founders travelled to Tanzania together in 2012 and experienced the work and hospitality of KCC as well.

All of us were and still are very impressed about the passion and heart with which all the Tanzanian volunteers are working at KCC every single day. Some of them are at KCC since the center was found in 2007. They always have new ideas in order to improve KCCs work and to create a peaceful place for the kids and youth – a place where numerous children can just be children, where they can develop their talents, where they learn a respectful handling with others and where they get support as well for their daily life.

We are all connected through those manifold and striking impressions from Kigamboni where some people – by one´s own initiative, creative ideas, much work, patience and courage – were able to build up a Community Centre where everyone is welcomed and gets the possibility to find his/her talent and develop it. Furthermore, KCC has always been open for new ideas and assistance in different ways. In Kigamboni we realized that the best way to make a difference is:

To do it together.

That’s why in 2015 we came up with the idea to found an association to support projects such as KCC. Not to offer external help, but to cooperate. Pamoja! Which means „together“ in swahili. Finally, on 31st of March 2015 our association Pamoja e.V. was established by seven founder members: Ina Ritterbach (1. Chairperson), Janina Wiegelmann (2. Chairperson), Carolin Gehringer (treasurer), Katharina Richter, Julia Wippig, Julia Kammann and Martin Kammann.

Our aims:

The aim of our association is to support the Kigamboni Community Centre in Tanzania. All founders of Pamoja e.V. have already been to KCC as volunteers and fully support the values and ideas of the center. For us it is very important to work together as close as possible with the people in Kigamboni, to exchange ideas regularly and to visit KCC as often as possible.

We don´t exclude to support other projects besides KCC in the future. We are not constrictive either on projects in Tanzania or Africa. If we are convinced by the work and the idea of a project, we will decide on supporting it or not and on how to support it in a general meeting.